They say that mothers are the most important.  They give you life, they give you milk, and they give you their all.  But I don't know.  As far back as I can remember, my life has been missing a father.  Mother has been proud during these eighteen years--clapping her hands and sparkling her eyes.  But she would be proud no matter what.  She's trying to make up for it--for the emptiness.  And as I grow older, I become more and more honest with myself realize that every thing I have done in my life has been for that father--whoever he is,wherever he is.  Hoping that somehow, some magical way, he will notice me--even though he may not know I exist--and come back to be proud.

I grew up by the sea.  Balmy breezes and sandy shores are great if they're not commonplace.  Otherwise, they're a prison like any other.  Mother told me since I was a little boy, "Get strong, and when you are strong enough, I will tell you of your father."   That was my motivation.  So I got tough.  I ran as quickly as I could up those sandy shores--the dunes dragging at my feet trying to pull me down.  I found loose rocks, and I lifted them--year after year--and my arms have become larger and toned.   I'm taller than most.  My training hasn't caused that.  But I thank the gods that I'm not too tall to lose my bulk.  I want to be thick and strong.  Strong enough to meet my father.

Though I have never had enough time for friends, boys from the village would come to train with me--come to see what Theseus was up to.  They dared not be left behind.  But they were weaklings--too afraid to get their togas dirty.  They'd come for a few days, and the heat and the surf would break them--running them back home to be the women they are.  So, I'm sure in their jealousy they called me names, but they did it far enough away that I did not hear.  And that made me smile.

I think today is the day.  Last night I dreamed that a star flew low overhead--it shone down into my face and called me "son".  That is a mighty portent. But also mother normally watches from the cliffs--and this morning she is here, and the lines in her face are deeper than ever before.


Location:  By the Sea

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