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The teaching of mythology provides many varied benefits to students of all ages.  Students come in contact with a variety of world cultures while comparing those cultures to their own.  Mythology also teaches history by examining ancient times and their effect on the modern world.  The study of Greco-Roman and Norse mythology also strengthens students' understanding of language since many English words are derived from characters and events found within.  It can also increase students' appreciation for Literature and art by understanding the many mythological allusions. By studying ancient mythologies, students also start thinking analytically about modern culture, analyzing the traces of ancient mythology has left behind and the legends that have been created in their own day.  
Mythology combines all these different facets of learning into one object of study.  And the best part is:  Mythological stories are often fun!  If taught correctly, a mythology course can be simultaneously educational and entertaining.
Because of its multifaceted nature, mythology is hard to categorize into one single subject area.  Some schools teach mythology as a history or sociology course.  Others emphasize the literary importance and teach mythology as an English or Communication Arts course.  Teachers of Latin often teach mythological stories to supplement the study of language.
No matter which way mythology is taught or to which age group, it is still an important and interesting topic of study.  

Zachary Hamby is an author, illustrator, and (most importantly) teacher who lives in southwest Missouri.  He is the author of several educational books, which include the Trickle Down, Olympus series and the Mythology for Teens series.   Original illustrations by Zak appear in Mythology for Teens and on this website (see banner above).  The development of these materials stemmed from Zak's own teaching career.  When given the job of teaching a semester-long Mythology course to junior and senior students, Zak discovered that there aren't many resources available.  After attempting to teach the course with the required text, Edith Hamilton's Mythology, Zak decided to write the stories in his own voice and using the students' voices to bring the stories to life.  The result was transformational.
Now several years later Zak still uses his own materials to teach Mythology at Nixa High School, where he is employed as a Communication Arts teacher.  He also travels around his home-state and across the country to present on the topic of Reader's Theater in the Secondary Classroom.  This past November he presented at the NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English) conference in Philadelphia, PA.  He is currently working on a sequel to his Mythology for Teens book for Prufrock Press.  All in all, he still considers his greatest accomplishment to be his young son, Luke.  
Zak designed this website as a resource for teachers who teach mythology.  Although this website does sell Zak's books, it also has many freebies available, including Reader's Theater scripts, puzzles, and games covering a variety of mythologies.  As the website grows, please check back for even more materials, and thanks for visiting MythologyTeacher.com!