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ABOVE:  Thor, the sworn enemy of the giants, vanquishes some of his enemies thanks to his magical hammer Mj√∂lnir.
The myths of the Norsemen are some of the most rousing tales ever told. Not only do they entertain, but hey perfectly illustrate the Viking ideal of unflinching bravery and courage in spite of inevitable doom. As far as modern-day connections, the Norse gods Odin, Thor, Tyr, and Frigga (along with the Sun and the Moon) are the inspiration for the days of the week:  Sun-day, Moon-day, Tyr's day, Woden's (Odin) day, Thor's day, and Frigga's day.  For comic book fans the god Thor also has a modern superhero reincarnation.
NOTE:  There is a new textbook available just for teaching Norse Mythology. (See link to the left.)

In this myth the Norse gods search the newly formed world for the perfect spot to build Asgard (or "The Home of the Gods").  As soon as they find their paradise, its safety is threatened by a mysterious stranger.
The play is performed courtesy of Chatterbox Audio, a great source for free audio performances.
This document gives information on Norse gods and cosmology.
This is only a .pdf of the song lyrics.  Song sold separately.  But it's a fun song that references images from Norse mythology and the Viking raids on foreign lands.
This PDF contains a rule sheet and a printable game board that allows students to play Hnefatafl (or Viking Chess), a game that historians believe was actually played by the real Vikings. NOTE:  Some cutting and pasting is needed. Instructions:  Print out the four pieces of the Viking Chess board. Tape them together as indicated (top left, top right, etc.) Laminate the board if you wish. Player pieces:  You will need moveable pieces to play the game. Poker chips work very well for this purpose. Designate one poker chip as the "king piece" by drawing a crown on it. You will need 16 of one color and 8 of another. To play:  See the instruction sheet included in the PDF.

This worksheet asks students to analyze the modern superhero Thor and his connections to the Norse god.
This worksheet gives details about the development of surnames (last names) in Europe.  


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